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Summary A group oriented website system.
Category design
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) asleep

Message from the owner(s)

XiteCode has begun it's final rewrite. The new project (Votum) has begun and is moving in full swing.

Call for developers

XiteCode is currently being rewritten (release codename Votum) and I would like to make a formal request for development assistance.

Experianced PHP hackers w/ OOP experiance are needed.

Feel free to contact me to talk about the project.

XiteCode Goal

XiteCodes goal is to provide a full featured fully web-based group oriented website platform.
With dynamic content and features like online-messaging, user homepages, user weblogs and project homepages XiteCode will be the perfect communications tool for any size group.
For the administrator we will provide administration plug-ins, crytped passwords and complete web-based administration of all features of the site.

XiteCode is built using the following technologies:

  • Features:
  • 1 : Currently in the codebase 2 : In development 3 : Future
    • User Accounts1
    • Encrypted Passwords1
    • User Profiles1
    • Online Messaging (in-page)1
    • Online Messaging (remote)3
    • Weblogs1
    • Project Homepages1
    • User Homepages3
    • Administration Plugins2
    • Full web-based Admin.1
    • News System1
    • Comments to news items.1
    • Forum3
    • Custom Homepage (main index)3
    • Variable URLs w/o code updates1
    • Misc other features...
  • *NOTICE: XiteCode's 3rd rewrite is being brought up-to-date with the above guidlines. Some features are not yet in the Votum codebase.

[ Live! Beta ]

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